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Here at A&O Systems Group we migrate clients, everyday, from thousands of service providers to our hosting platform. From the most basic business website to complex business websites and tens of thousands of emails, you can trust your business to the professionals here at A&O Systems Group. With so many providers to choose from, it can be difficult to cut through all the noise and figure out which of these services is right for you, so let us help!

To help facilitate this process, we have complied a brief list of sings which will make it clear when its time to move on to a new service provider. While they’re not so pleasant to deal with in the moment, these issues may lead you to a better service provider that can help you boost your site’s success.

Know When it's Time to Migrate

We are always looking at ways to improve our service and regular communication with our clients is a key driving factor in our success. Without your valuable input, we simply can’t move forward. As a result, we’ve complied some information detailing signs of when you should consider a change of service providers, below.

Down Time and Service Unavailability

At any time, when your website and email service is unavailable, it’s considered “downtime”. Even if it’s only a few seconds or a few minutes. This could lead to serious problems. For instance, bounce-back messages or an unavailable website makes your business appear unreliable and low quality to both users and the search engines.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only issue. Search engine algorithm’s will account for this, and your search engine rankings will fall as well, hurting your site’s visibility. Visitors who may have been easily converted to leads will also be lost, forever.

We will also add that if your site generates revenue, or sales leads, you be losing out on income every time your website or email has an outage. If your site is down, frequently, for extensive periods of time, you could be losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When you’re running an online-generating business, uptime is absolutely essential to your bottom line.

Web hosting services, is of course, one of the most common causes of website and email failure, as there are many ways in which servers can impact your site’s availability, including the following:

A&O Systems Group | Web Hosting Check MarkThe quality and reliability of your hosting equipment.

A&O Systems Group | Web Hosting Check MarkThe type of server your website is on, as shared servers tend to become overloaded more quickly than other types of servers.

A&O Systems Group | Web Hosting Check MarkYour host’s security features, since malicious attacks can lead to downtime.

A&O Systems Group | Web Hosting Check MarkThe quality and reliability of your hosting equipment.

A&O Systems Group | Web Hosting Check MarkThe type of server your website is on, as shared servers tend to become overloaded more quickly than other types of servers.

A&O Systems Group | Web Hosting Check MarkYour host’s security features, since malicious attacks can lead to downtime.

As a result, if you find that your having email problems, or that your website is down, there’s a good chance your host may having something to do with it. Moving to more reliable service is probably the best thing in situation such as this.

Slow Website and Email Loading Speed

Site speed, proper optimization, and conversion is extremely important and valuable. It’s wish to test your site’s speed every now and then while using tools such as Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insights to ensure your loading times remain low as possible and to correct any performance issues.

While over-loaded technology can definitely bring your website to a crawl, your server’s location also plays a very critical role in how fast your website delivers information to the end-user. Servers located far away from the visitor aren’t able to serve them content as quickly.

Most hosting providers only serve data from one location and don’t offer a Content Delivery Network. It's practically guaranteed that some of your end-users will have experienced less-than-ideal loading times. It may very well be worth investigating hosts with more or different locations, or ones offering a Content Delivery Network.

Unhelpful Customer Service

We can’t stress this enough, but the relationship between you and your host provider is extremely important. There will be instances when server side related errors occur on your website or with email and you’ll need to get a ahold of your host provider as quickly as possible to resolve the issue and get your business back online. In addition, you may have questions regarding your account or billing.

Some of the better hosting services will provide support services in a number of website management techniques. For instance, many will provide troubleshooting guidance for various types of errors related to your hosting and email service, or perhaps support for platforms such as Wordpress.

If your having a difficult time getting in touch with your service provider, inadequate solutions, or doesn’t offer support in areas directly related to your hosting service, consider a change of service providers. While you may be able to get by without quality support, at some point, you’ll have to get a hold of someone for help with a server-related problem, you’ you want a reliable team to offer you service.

You Need More Resources

Most website projects start relatively simple and small, but over time, they can continue to grow. Your current host may have been a good fit when you first started, but if your traffic levels have increased, this will more than likely no longer be the case.

As your business grows, so will your website and email volume. As a result, you’ll require a server that can handle more traffic as well as more and larger file volumes. Moving from a shared service, to a dedicated service can help but switching to a top-tier provider can often provide greater benefits.

Some service providers specialize in certain types of hosting service such as dedicated servers, or VPS hosting. As a result if your site continues to grow, you’ll need a dedicated web hosting service at some point, so a switch in service providers may be inevitable.

Hosting Service is to Expensive

Anyone with a website understands that hosting is a monthly, recurring expense, it’s also, at times, the largest expense associated with running a website, but much more specifically for WordPress users working a free or low-cost Content Management System.

When it comes to hosting services, you often get what you pay for. However, there are also times and good examples when an expensive plan isn’t necessary. If your site is still relatively small and not using the amount of space you’re pay for, or perhaps your current plan comes with features you never touch, you’re likely paying too much.

There’s no sense maximizing the credit card to host your website when there are quite a few, very reasonable options available. For instance, we offer some very high plans, starting at under twenty dollars per month.

Server Security is Sub-Par

As we already mentioned, hosting services are responsible for the integrity of their data and responsible for securing their servers. However, not every provider is as diligent as they should be when it comes to security, and hackers will sometimes find vulnerabilities and other weaknesses in your server to gain access to your site.

This, of course, can be detrimental to your website for multiple reasons, including:

A&O Systems Group | Web Hosting Check MarkYour credibility will be lost as users will see your site as less reliable if it’s been hacked.

A&O Systems Group | Web Hosting Check MarkCompromised user data, including sensitive information such as private records such as credit card details.

A&O Systems Group | Web Hosting Check MarkThe loss of your website or parts due to a malicious attack that destroys key files and other data.

By hosting with A&O Systems Group, you are investing in secure hosting, which is a smart move. Even if you have to pay a few extra dollars or go through the trouble of migrating to our service, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble down the road.


As you can see, there are a number of very compelling reasons to make the move and switch service providers. Realistically, we’ve only pointed out some of the main key aspects here. If you wish to discuss this in further detail, or book a migration window, don’t hesitate to contact A&O Systems Group and we will be pleased to assist you.

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