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Custom Difference

A&O Systems Group is dedicated to ensuring you pay less and get more out of your Information Technology. We call this our “Custom Difference”. We can fully understand your technical problems and implement money saving and innovative solutions. Whether you’re planning an ambitious upgrade or just trying to tame the cost and hassle of maintaining a network, we’ll find the answers you need to implement solutions and drive your business forward.

Enterprise Management

From Local Area Networks to Wide Area Networks, spanning entire cities and continents, A&O Systems Group has the expertise and knowledge to manage your business infrastructure. We are also pleased to provide our clients with niche market technology services and consulting such as Storage Area Networks and Network Area Storage solutions from leading technology providers.

Highly Motivated, Highly Energetic

A&O Systems Group is an extremely energetic and motivated consulting and I.T. Services company. We enjoy delivering service and results in a market which is primary dominated by a few large, key players. Our industry is one where the smaller competitor can overcome larger players, driving real success forward.

Web Solutions

Here at A&O Systems Group, we are not just web developers. We analyze your business, the market and your competitors to ascertain the best solution for using the Internet to help elevate your company, increase awareness and improve revenues.

Web Development and Hosting

A&O Systems Group is pleased to provide our customers with a complete range of web development services. As a whole, our process of web design includes information gathering, conceptualization of your project, extensive planning, post production, research of your industry and marketing services. We firmly believe that a successful website, is on which clearly demonstrates a return on investment. We are pleased to offer the BEST features in the industry, combined with world-class hosting services.

Service Level Agreements

Not only does A&O Systems Group practice world-class customer service, we also have some of the best service level agreements in the industry, which remain unmatched and unchallenged by most of our competitors. World class development, products and services. What more could your business ask for?


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