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We Want to Hear From You!

Here at A&O Systems Group, we always look forward to hearing from our new and existing clients, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, or, utilize one of our many contact methods, such as form mail, live chat, text messaging or live call. Response times may vary, but in general emails are likely your best bet for a quick response.

A&O Systems Group is conveniently located just moments from major highways and in the heart of Toronto’s, lively and thriving Parkdale Community. As a result of this convenient location, clients can easily find our office, and we can quickly attend customer sites for deployments, consultations and on-site support service.

Form Mail:

Form mail is always a preferred method of contact as it is non-intrusive, and we receive notification of your submission, instantaneously. Please specify a good time and date so we may reach out to you at your convenience. Also, details in the comments box is always appreciated so please be as specific as possible when leaving a comment in form mail.

Phone, Fax and Email:

A&O Systems Group | Toll Free Calling IconNorth America Toll Free: 1 (866) 941-5110
A&O Systems Group | Local Calling IconLocal Calling: 1 (416) 477-2324
A&O Systems Group | Email Address IconEmail Address: info@aosystemsgroup.com
A&O Systems Group | Fax IconFax: Unpublished


Responsive WebsitesFrom the Q.E.W, exit at Jane, turn right onto Queen St, Left onto Dufferin St. Gordon St. will be located to your left.

Responsive WebsitesFrom the 401, exit at Yorkdale Rd, following to Dufferin St. Turn left and head south along Dufferin St to Gordon St, just past Dundas St. Gordon St will be on your right.

Live Chat:

Our Live Help Operators offer a great way to get answers to most of your frequently asked questions, fast. This service is available throughout North America from 9AM – 6PM, E.S.T., and is an ideal communication method if you’re sitting at your computer. Don’t hesitate to use this feature, specifically designed for ease of use and convenience. To initiate a “Live Chat” simply click on the button below, to get started.

Live Chat

Text Message:

Text messaging appears to have become a widely-accepted standard of communication. As a result, don’t hesitate to send us a text message, directly through our website. To get started, simply click on the button below.

Text Message

Live Call:

Our online, live call service allows you to establish a direct VoIP call between an A&O Systems Group Representative and your preferred phone number. Simply enter your desired telephone number and we will establish the call for you.

Live Call

Form Mail


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